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  Tranportation and Land Use
Alameda County Transit Oriented Development Sites

West Oakland Transit Oriented Development: Oakland, CA
West Oakland Transit Center


Since 2000 this area around the West Oakland BART Station has been designated with the zoning "S-15 Transit Oriented Development" This vision was augmented by the tri-agency West Oakland Transit Village Action Study, conducted by BART, the Oakland Housing Authority and the City of Oakland. Over 2,060 residential units or more are expected to be developed in the next five years in this area accompanied by at least 50,000 s.f. of new commercial/retail space in the area. The first project, the Mandela Gateway Housing Development (partnership between Oakland Housing Authority and BRIDGE non profit housing developer) was completed in 2004 with 160 units.

In addition the City developed a streetscape plan for Seventh Street using a $185,000 Environmental Justice grant from Caltrans and was recently awarded $1.3 million from CMA through the Transportation of Livable Communities Capital Grant funds (TE Funds) for implementation of the first phase, Union to Peralta Streets. An Additional $1.9 was later made available for construction from the 2006 STIP TE funds from the county reserve.  A "Blues Walk of Fame" is also planned as part of the Phase I portion, honoring the cultural history and historic commercial district.


  • BART property : Exclusive Negotiating Agreement between the Alliance for West Oakland Development and BART for the development of a mixed use project on the site of the BART station
  • 7th Street Streetscape : $3.2 million capital improvement to begin construction by the spring 2008
  • Historical Overlay Zoning District: designation for Peralta to Campbell Streets ("S-7")


  • Crucible Arts Education Center (private non-profit) - 46,000 sf facility- moved in 2002

Planning Completed

  • Seventh Street Streetscape Plan, 2004;
  • Acorn Prescott Community Transportation Plan, 1998;
  • West Oakland 2000 Economic Development and Transportation Study, 1998;
  • West Oakland Transit Village Action Study, 2001;
  • Oakland Housing Element, 2004 (allowing 2,697 housing units in vacant sites in the immediate Seventh St area vicinity)
  • Zoning: S-15, Transit Oriented Development.

Fund Sources

  • TLC
  • TE
  • District 3, Oakland
  • EPA (for superfund site)
  • Caltrans Environmental Justice grants
  • Caltrans Community Based Transportation Plan grant
  • MTC Community Based Transportation Plan grant

Next Steps

  • Secure funding for projects, including BART replacement parking; hazardous materials contamination; BART Comprehensive Station Plan
Coordinate additional funding requests for Seventh Street Streetscape improvements